Saaga Ensemble

Line up

  • Jaakko Kämäräinen (Bass, vocals)
  • Jyri Sariola (Drums, percussions)
  • Milla Viljamaa (Harmonium, vocals)
  • Roope Aarnio (Guitar, vocals)
  • Soila Sariola (Vocal)
  • Tommi Asplund (violin)
  • Vilma Timonen (Kantele, vocals)

Saaga Enseble has charmed the crowds with their unique style of music, rooted in teh tradition of folk music. Their heartfelt compositions ans arrangements offer a combination of bonafide energy - from tender warmth to exploding raw power - delivered by individual talents, each bringing their exquisite musical craftsmanship to the table. Saaga Enseble's exceptional take on instruments with strong emphasis on vocal harmonies truly sets them apart. Saaga Ensembles first albun Path was released 28.2.2013.

Charming, swinging and very fresh etnopop Lira Gillar/ Lira Magasinet

Violin and kantele sounds especially touching on Saaga Ensemble's Polku-album- &9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;/ Ilkka

Last year 2012 Saaga Ensemble had the honour to perform at the Presidential Independence Day reception and led to participation in the songs from the distinguished guests.

"One of a kind supergroup of folk music"


Saaga Ensemble


Saaga Ensemble


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Comp.trad/Soila Sariola, arr.Saaga Ensemble



Comp.Lyr. trad/Soila Sariola, arr.Saaga Ensemble


Kreuzbergin puolikas kuu/Crescent in Kreuzber

Comp.Lyr.Vilma Timonen, arr. Saaga Ensemble

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