"As easy as a pie" - Sergey Starostin and Mario Kaldararu

  • artist:
    Sergey Starostin and Mario Kaldararu
  • featured artist:
    Sergey Starostin, Mario Kaldararu
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  • style(s):
    • Russian
    • Traditional
  • country:
    Russian Federation
  • formats:
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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  • publisher:
    Sketis Music

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Starostin- is a milestone in the history of Russian folk, who has revived and placed it in the context of today music styles and avant-garde tendencies, resulting with genre ofworld music. Each project he participates in is in it’s own way interesting and unexpected, especially when it’s a new project. Mario is a Kishinev-born ethno percussionist. He is interested and engaged in interpretation and development of well-known and little known folk music traditions all over the world, using them as a basis for free improvisation. Sergei Starostin - vocal - all tracks, horn (3), reed-pipe (1, 10), gusli (7, 9) Mario - gorshki (clay percussion) - (4, 7, 10), barabanka (shepherd's alarm instrument) - (3), darbuka (5, 6), kowbell (11), drums (1, 2, 10)

Sergey Starostin and Mario Kaldararu


As easy as a pie (slim) Sergei Starostin & Mario «Proshche prostogo»

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