"Dance of the Wood Spirits" - Vedan-Kolod

The music of the ensemble from Siberian city Krasnoyarsk is oriented around pagan past of Slavic peoples. The ensemble’s leader Tatyana Naryshkina together with a musician and a master of Russian folk musical instruments Valery Naryshkin have revived rare ceremonial songs, legends and Russian epics, which existed many centuries ago. Scythian horn, gusli, zhalejka, horn, Slavonian bagpipe, Slavonian drums and others are among the instruments the ensemble members use.
The ensemble performs pieces composed by the musicians, including songs in Old Slavonic, authentic songs of Siberia and Western Russia, songs of Siberian migrants from Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, instrumental compositions and throat singing. All adaptations of folk songs were made by Tatyana and Valery Naryshkins.




Vedan-Kolod "Dance of the Wood Spirits"/ "Tanets leshih" Vedan-Kolod "Dance of the Wood Spirits"/ "Tanets leshih"

Track List

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01. Spring Song


02. Duck is swimming in the sea


13. The dance of the wood spirits

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