Karolina Prusinowska

artist, educational, network, publishing


A singer, painter, playwright, and mother of five, Kaja / Karolina Prusinowska is an award-winning folklorist specializing in folktales and children’s games. She has collected and studied games, tales and other folkloric expression from countries around the world, comparing them with those of Poland. For the annual Mazurkas of the World Festival (in Warsaw?), she manages a children's programme called Little Mazurkas. For the „Play by Ear” Theatre she has organised projects focused on the children’s folklore of Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, creating performances that have been presented on a number of respected stages. In 2017, Kaja and „Play by Ear" were invited to perform in conjunction with the acclaimed exhibition Every-day Patriots, organised by the Museum for Children at the National Etnographic Museum in Warsaw. In 2016, she was awarded a Grand Prix by the Polish Music Critics Association for her essay "Mommy: The Good and the Bad,” recognised as the best article about music published that year.

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  • WOMEX 2017