Small Island Big Song 小島大歌

A collaborative project uniting artists across the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Recorded and filmed in nature

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All in the languages and with the instruments of the artists homelands, Small Island Big Song was produced and composed in the field as artists recording in nature contributed a song and then overdubbed, woven into 18 collaborative songs, an Oceanic Songline.

Over three years the producers visited 16 island nations working with over 100 artists representing around 36 Indigenous nations,
mixed, edited and produced in the field and mastered at Real World Studio's UK.

Winner - SONGLINES - Best Album Asia/Pacific 2019.
Winner - German Music Critics - Best ten albums 2019
Nominated - American Independent Music Awards - Best Concept Album & Best Music Website 2019

The process was filmed and edited together in the field as the songs grew, the resulting film is screening here at WOMEX 2019.

It's not a making of film, it's not really a documentary, it's a musical narrative created by musicians who have chosen to keep relevant ancient musical lineages spread across the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

"A timely oceanic songline that brings together many voices. First nation musicians who draw on the depths of their heritage and unique homelands, reuniting cultures and reigniting an ancient seafaring heritage through the song. The film recalls a time before national borders and current prejudices, highlighting not just the importance of words, rhythm and melody, but also ancient vibrations inherent to music and its connection to nature". - Antenna International Film Festival

The producers BaoBao and Tim will be at WOMEX 19 and have a Small Island Big Song booth - 2.7
We would love to talk to you about getting the message of the project into the ears and hearts of the world.

CONCERT - Europe/UK 2020 summer. USA 2021 Jan-Apr'.
FILM - Theatrical release in April in Japan.
ALBUM - Collaboration on the second album

Small Island Big Song is a FAIR TRADE music CLIMATE ACTION project

participating in

  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
stand number WOMEX 19: 2.7


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"Small Island Big Song" - Small Island Big Song