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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016

Son Del Salón is a French-Cuban band formed in 2009 made up of 5 musicians. The band's music is quite singular and mostly inspired by the traditional son cubano, mixed with other influences. After many trips to Cuba and two first albums which were very respectful of the Cuban tradition, Son Del Salón is currently evolving and making its music more modern.

Son Del Salón released its third album Estados in 2015 which had clear musical changes - the band mixes son, salsa and afro-Cuban folklore with Latin pop music, cumbia, folk and jazz.

Son Del Salón have played more than 450 concerts (France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg) along with a tour in Cuba, and have sold over 5000 CDs.

A highlight of the 2016 tour came when Son Del Salón was awarded the prize for "the best new band in 2016" at the Tempo Latino Festival, the biggest European Latin music festival.

Son Del Salon's compositions clearly can reach a wide audience as shown when the band played at major festivals like Montreux Jazz Festival or the JDM Festival.

We will be at the 2016 Womex in Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Feel free to get in touch if you're going too!!

Son Del Salón have been in residence at the "La Souris Verte, Epinal", and "Le Gueulard Plus, Nilvange". Since then, the band travels with its own sound and light engineers and added instruments like piano or electric guitar. These new elements obviously bring even more modern and original aspects to the show!

Foucauld Ledesert

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