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Snail Records is a record company that has been established in March 2002.

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company description

Snail Records is a record company that has been established in March 2002. We are a small bunch of people that have a common love: the music that has it roots in the region where it is created, that preserved it's original identity, that did not loose it's authenticity by giving in to the enticement of commerce and mass consumption.

Great words, but we know we can make them come true. Before we decided to establish our own label, we gathered experience, technical and musical, in several styles of music. For the near future we restrict ourselves to the music of the Balkans, especially Sevdah and the Gypsy music. But the contacts are there to produce records of astonishing performances of the artists from the Balkans and the Middle East.

We also strive for a high quality production and have the means - a good ear, knowledge, experience, endurance and self criticism - to achieve this goal.

Mostar Sevdah Reunion (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Ljiljana Buttler (Serbia)
Saban Bajramovic (Serbia)
Klezmofobia (Denmark)
Edith Tamayo (Mexico)
Las Hermanac Caroni ( Argenina)
Loyko (Russia)
Arkul (Bosnia-Sephardic)
Sar E Roma (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Kilema (Madagascar)
Fataka (Madagascar)
Farida (Iraq)
Amira (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Branko Galoic (Croatia)
Louis (Serbia)


SNAIL BOOKINGS is a Dutch based music management and booking agency:

Mostar Sevdah Reunion (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Klezmofobia (Denmark)
Edith Tamayo (Mexico)
Loyko (Russia)
Arkul (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Errol Linton (UK)
Las Hermanas Caronni (Argentina)
Kilema (Madagascar)
Fataka (Madagascar)
SEVEN - Antwerpen Gypsy Ska Orchestra (Macedonia/Belgium)



  • Mostar Sevedah Reunion

    Mostar Sevdah Reunion finished the recording of... 30 Aug 2011 - written by Dragi Sestic, Snail Records from Netherlands



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