Las Hermanas Caronni

Line up

  • Gianna Caronni (clarinet and vocal)
  • Laura Caronni (chello and vocal)
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  • style(s):
    • Argentino
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  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
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Las Hermanas Caronni -two Argentinean sisters, Laura and Gianna Caronni, respectively a cellist and a clarinettist, and both singers, deliver on their eponymous album some of the most delicate and intelligent music of the recent years. As a duet, their sound is full of intimacy, yet rich at the same time - due to the stunningly inventive, almost minimalist arrangements.
The music sounds exactly like the sum of the artists’ backgrounds: two classically trained musicians enamoured with their country’s folk music.
Shades of European Impressionism, of Ravel and Debussy, influences of the South American classical composers like Villa-Lobos, and the unavoidable ghost of tango, all blend perfectly with the melancholy and determination of the folk tunes of the Pampas.

Clever, discreetly sensual, and endlessly elegant, this is music for those who still cherish the values like refinement and class.


Las Hermanas Caronni


Las Hermanas Caronni


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Los Eyes de mi carreta

Las Hermanas Caronni


El Jarrito

Las Hermanas Caronni

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