Södra Teatern AB

Södra Teatern is a venue and a local promoter in the central part of Stockholm. Since 1997, focus has been set on staging international performances.

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Södra Teatern is Sweden’s foremost international venue for music, theatre & debate. Since 1997, focus has been set on staging international performances. We house diverse events, spanning from club-scene entertainment, concerts, theatre and readings to children's philosophy , to name a few.

The venue is the oldest theatre in Stockholm and is situated in the heart of the city's bohemian pulse, with breathtaking views over the capital. Although built as a theatre, the main focus today is on music. The venue enjoys a solid reputation not only in Sweden but throughout the world, attracting vibrant locals and leading luminaries alike. Over 600 events were staged in 2010, 2011 will see around 1000 events.

Södra Teaterns main stage is a beautiful and intimate lounge, appointed in green and gold with red velvet chairs. We also have six smaller stages. Artists and audience mingle in the bars and restaurants, where you can expect great drinks and brilliant food with Stockholm at your feet! During the summer months we open up no less than three outdoor terraces.

Annual events: approx. 652 (2010)
Annual audience: 250 000 (2010)
Capacity: 7 Stages
Cornerstone date: Södra Teatern was built in 1859.

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