Mario Moita


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Mário Moita started to sing FADO at the age of 7. was studing Piano in Évora Music school, and have a degree in Engenier by Évora University. Since very early times he got a taste and a particular interest for this kind of music. More than that, the fact of having lived in Reguengos de Monsaraz (land of the composer Dr Alberto Janes, who wrote lots of fados for Amália Rodrigues), provided him a close contact with the pianist Fortunato Murteira who played FADO with the piano in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Before he passed away he gave Mário an incalculable value in old fado scores. Now, Mário tries to continue the old tradition dated from 1870 when FADO went up to the palaces for the delight of the high classes (*), mixing Alentejo roots and the technique of “Bello Canto”. The result is a romantic sound of FADO and piano with a melodic voice worked by a lyric technique.
(*) Fado and portuguese guitar museum, Lisbon

MANAGER CONTACT. +351 964036502

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