"Mejor que me mate dios" - Paito & mejor que me mate dios

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    Paito & mejor que me mate dios
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    Paito & mejor que me mate dios
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    • Cumbia
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    Sonidos Enraizados
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    Sonidos Enraizados

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Paito and Mejor que me Mate Dios (It would be better if God kills me) is a musical process that occurs in the city of Bogotá as a result of years of musical approach with the maestro gaitero Sixto Silgado Paito, the last exponent of the black gaita tradition in Colombia.

This project brings together the experience and expertise of Paito and the gaita musical format (female gaita, male gaita, maraca, alegre drum, llamador drum) in dialogue with experienced improvisers musicians trio formed by Ivan Altafulla electric guitar, Juan Manuel Toro electric bass and Urian Sarmiento and drum set proposing new meeting spaces and new creative paths between the traditional and the contemporary colombian music.

Paito & mejor que me mate dios


Mejor que me mate dios cover album

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Mejor que me mate dios

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La cumbia isleña

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