A Colombian play list with Caribbean Flavor

If we talk about Caribbean music we must talk about the African influence, we must talk about drums and with them the movement of hips. We must also speak of the Spanish and even English influence, which came across the Atlantic Ocean. And all that mix to join it with the richness of the indigenous sound that lives in our region.

That’s why we have popular rhythms such as cumbia, porro, fandango, vallenato, merecumbé, champeta, among others. And let us appropriate others like reggae, merengue, salsa and calypso that come from the Caribbean islands because of the closeness we have with them. And the creation of rhythmic essays like the Joesón, or the Gaita Urbana, or the Caribbean rock, among others.

Our Colombian Caribbean speaks of diversity and wealth, that's why we leave this playlist of the Colombian Caribbean.

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article submitted by:Irene Criollo, Sonparei