Barranquilla at Womex

Bandera de Barranquilla. Monumento Pacho Galán

In Colombia there is a point where music from different parts of the world are connected. A port where the melodies of the river and the sea joins, creating sounds born out of the simplest elements of nature.

That place is Barranquilla! a city where hundreds of musicians live, cultivating songs, rhythms and sounds that have the capacity to make people dance and sigh. A music of pure magic, capable of transforming sorrow into joy.

Our music is nourished by African, indigenous, Caribbean, Arabic and Spanish music. these rich influences give rise to diverse genres of music which call to the virtuosity and essence of the musicians of this region.

Barranquilla is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in the north of Colombia, South America. It’s the main economic centre of the Caribbean whose territories represent a cultural melting pot unique to the world.

We are conscious of the potential of this land and I consider that acknowledging our biodiversity and ancestral roots as creative collaborators permits us to strengthen our socio culture and economics.

At the start of 2011 we launched Sonparei, somos lo que sonamos. Translated it means Sound Parade but its a play on words, embodying our local Costeño dialect. It is an incentive to strengthen the scope of independent music. It was born as the fruit of our participation in the national music conference. Its objectives are to create platforms circulating, professionally qualify and giving opportunities to the local creative industries, in the way to export colombian music and improve the development of the events in Barranquilla.

Platforms such as Womex are ideal spaces to interchange cultural services. On one side it allows us to showcase our work. On the other, we receive valuable information and training that serve as references and points of support for our creative processes.

We are attend womex with our Sonparie’s musical roster is a great opportunity to representing three musical groups: Bozá, Nueva Gaita, Son Palenque and Palo Cruzao, whose the richness and ancestral influences, shows that Colombia music has to offer.

Barranquilla at womex is represent by Emje Rose, Omar Sánchez, Ingard De Lima and Irene Criollo; artists and music promoters from the city and has the support of the Secretaria de cultura Patrimonio y turismo de Barranquilla.

¡See you in Katowice womex17!

article submitted by:Irene Criollo, Sonparei