What does the Colombian Caribbean sound like?


Part of the north area of Colombia is bathed by the Caribbean Sea. And, according to the opinion of artists, radio professionals and music lovers, this is a fact that undoubtedly influences the way we sing, dance, compose, live and feel the music. Here, in this compilation their voices sound:

“The Caribbean sounds like a lot of influences to me, to an interesting mix, to an eclecticism of different cultures, of different races, it sounds to me to a tradition that peals between leathers, drums and beautiful voices. It sounds to mountain, sea, and river, those three sources of inspiration that have marked the identity of the Colombian Caribbean": Minerva Flores, Uninorte FM Stereo’s Head of Programming.

“The Caribbean sounds like color, flavor, joy. Their sounds are very own, identifiable and recognizable on any side of Colombia and the continent. His music has an unmistakable flavor and that feels in all genres, because even Barranquilla rock is tasty. Its artists, who grew up between the sea and a radiant sky that inspires and relaxes, have a flow that can only have those who born in the Caribbean, because the coastal swing is not learned, is born with it": Sandra Villalba, Correspondent Radiónica Barranquilla.

“For me, It sounds like Africa, because I'm an African descendant and Caribbean music comes from Africa, it sounds like the best part of the music. It sounds like Creole therapy that is the dance movement. So it sounds like guitar, bass, drums, plus the keys and the original canes and voices": Justo Valdez from Grupo Son Palenque.

"The richness of the Caribbean music is still the good seasoning that is put to each song and the stories that go into these melodies, the music is one and always unites and smears a feeling of love. In the Caribbean the music transports you to the corner, to the sea, to the river. Each house is a station that emits joy, the neighborhood lights up and travels to other parts with every musical taste" Pocho 100 de Tribu Baharu.

“It will always sound at sea; That's why we shout, because of the sound of the breeze and the waves. When you do not listen well, you tend to raise your voice unconsciously, try to speak normal while listening to music at full volume! And obviously, it sounds like Drum": Gonzalo Prieto, Colectro leader voice.

"My people, my land, my pride, my voice, in my skin a rainbow of races of flavor, a heart that beats tired of suffering, full of illusions and desire to live. To my parents, and their tales of forgetfulness and forgiveness. To a hymn that I sing at full throttle, the divine spark that weaves a dream in water of two seas that have no owner": song Colombian Flavor of Stereocuco, composed by Marlon Peroza.

“It sounds like drums, breeze, sea, laugh, a friendly voice, it sounds like rain, it sounds like the different landscapes that give us this Caribbean" Eykol Arroyo, director of the Joe Arroyo Foundation

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article submitted by:Irene Criollo, Sonparei