Cuca Roseta


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Line up

  • André Ramos (Acoustic guitar)
  • Cuca Roseta (Vocals)
  • Frederico Gato (Acoustic bass)
  • Pedro Viana (Portuguese guitar)


To talk about Cuca Roseta is to talk about a career that is only going one way: up. After initially experimenting with pop rock sounds, including some noteworthy collaborations with the Portuguese rock band Toranja, Cuca Roseta soon started to make a name for herself in the fiercely competitive world of fado, singing in Portugal’s renowned fado houses. With a crystalline and technically irreproachable voice, ‘Cuca Roseta’ soon became the name on everybody’s lips, as excitement started to build around “the new voice of fado”. Amongst the many who were enchanted by her soulful singing was Gustavo Santaolalla, a multi-Grammy and two-time Oscar award winning Argentinean producer based in LA. After seeing Cuca Roseta perform in the Clube de Fado (Fado Club), he immediately invited her to record an album together. With Santaolalla at the helm, Cuca Roseta’s eponymous first album was released to critical acclaim, instantly conquering the hearts and minds of the public. The album was certified gold, and Cuca Roseta was soon off filling her passport with travel stamps from performing in countries the world over.

In 2013, Cuca Roseta wanted to have a more ‘hands on’ role and assumed full creative control over the majority of tracks on ‘Raiz’, her second album of original songs. This time around, Mário Barreiros, a well-renowned figure in Portuguese music, was asked to be producer. ‘Raiz’ once again delighted fans and moreover allowed Cuca Roseta to perform on all major national stages, as well as advance her career internationally, most notably with her shows in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and Brazil. Along the way, Cuca Roseta was able to share the stage and duet with famous names including Djavan, Ana Moura, David Bisbal and Stewart Sukuma.

2015 will see the release of Cuca Roseta’s third album of original songs, with production credits going to the legendary Nelson Motta, an outstanding figure in Brazilian music for the past 50 years.