A Presença das Formigas

A Presença das Formigas is a band from Viseu, Portugal. Their formation has seen some changes since their beginnings in 2009, but the core of the group features André Cardoso on guitar, Manuel Maio on mandolin, violin and vocals, Miguel Cardoso on bass guitar and vocals, and Rui Lúcio on drums.

Their name can be translated as 'The Presence of the Ants', and it's a reference to a song by the legendary Portuguese folk musician José Afonso. Their music, mostly acoustic, is a mix of traditional Portuguese folk and elaborate arrangements, featuring great harmonic vocals and interesting time signatures, giving it some complexity. This approach shows the influence of Portuguese acts like Banda do Casaco and Fausto, but also of foreign groups such as Gentle Giant, Pentangle and Gryphon.



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Pé de Vento, 2014


Ai que ricas orelhinhas

Pé de Vento, 2014

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