Ensemble Kaboul

Ensemble Kaboul
Ensemble Kaboul
  • country:Afghanistan
  • style(s):Persian Classical
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, singer songwriter, unplugged
  • artist submitted by:Sound of World / Cultures Conscientes

Line up

  • Soltani Farshad  (Ney , Kamancha ...)
  • Arman Khaled (Rubab , Delroba)
  • Arman Mashal (Lead Singer)
  • Hachemi Siar (Tabla, Daf, Dholak , Percussions)
  • Vardanyan Meri  (Qanoon)


The Ensemble Kaboul explores the Persian music of Afghanistan, an unrecognized or even forgotten repertoire. In this country, rich with several musical cultures, the traditional and sacred Persian heritage testifies to a remote past and of a particular poetry.

To bring this repertoire back to life, the Ensemble Kaboul needs to work like archeologists in order to rediscover the buried musical themes, the missing ornements and the lost motifs of a formely flourishing musical corpus. To make this desert soil bloom again, the fragmentary melodies are completed and the instrumentations and compositions are developed.

To renovate these buried mosaïcs, the Ensemble Kaboul calls to musicians who belong to a large Persian musical family spread over numerous countries. Persian cultural influence can be experienced from Lahore to Budapest and from Erevan to Cordoba.

This approach is made possible thanks to the extraordinary musical abilities of all the members of the group. Indeed, each musician of the Ensemble Kaboul is endowed with both a non- European and a European musical culture.

The Ensemble Kaboul offers several concert themes which enjoy great public success, including :
⁃ - Afghan Persian music
⁃ - Sacred poetry (Rumi, Hâfez, Saadi)

The Ensemble Kaboul is regularly requested by contemporary composers and European ancient and sacred music ensembles, to perform concerts and recordings together. It was the case with Jordi Savall and the CD « Orient-Occident » and Vittorio Ghielmi and his Suonar Parlante Ensemble.