Throes + The Shine

Line up

  • Dedaldino Miguel (vocals)
  • Igor Domingues (drums, sampler, Percussion, backing vocals)
  • Marco Castro (guitar, synths, electronics,sampler,backing vocals)
  • Nirox Romão (vocals)

Is it rock? Is it kuduro? No, it's Rockuduro! A full-on mash-up multiple-party full-speed collision perpetrated by a conspiracy hatched somewhere between Angola and Portugal. The plotters are rock/electronica guitar/keyboard boffin Marco Castro and drum thrasher Igor Domingues from Porto – hereafter known as Throes – and explosive vocalists Diron and Mob Dedaldino from Luanda – hereafter known as The Shine. Since forming in 2011 they've released three albums and pumped-up audiences across Europe including memorable performances at Roskilde, Lowlands, Rock En Seine festivals. Their new album Wanga features guest appearances from such global notables as Canadian-Congolese multi-lingual rapper Pierre Kwenders, Argentina’s La Yegros, Da Chick, and Colombian group Meridian Brothers. Wanga means 'spell' in the Angolan dialect of Kimbundo. Throes + The Shine intend to put you under one.


Throes + The Shine


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