Adrian Kwelepeta

Line up

  • Adrian Kwelepeta (Vocals, Guitars, Vocal Percussion)

Adrian Kwelepeta, 21, is an incredible talented young Malawian artist. Moving seamlessly between contemporary RnB, Folk and the traditional, his songwriting already shows substantial depth and maturity. In his music, besides being a skilled guitarist and percussionist, Adrian is using his powerful voice not only for singing, it's also used to build sonic landscapes with vocal percussion, humming, chanting, breathing etc.

Debut album is in it's final stages of production, and release is planned for February 2017. In it, Adrian is trying to show us a bridge between the popular music he grew up with as an urban kid in the city of Lilongwe, and his take on what the deep root tribal consciousness that rests within him might sound like.

Adrian Kwelepeta


Adrian at the studioAdrian in DoorwayAdrian KwelepetaAdrian KwelepetaAdrian Kwelepeta

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