SPMúsica - Brazilian Music from São Paulo

SPMUSICA is a recent project of a collective of associations and producers which aims to export of Brazilian music produced in the state.

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Music is one of the most important and rich cultural events in Brazil. Admired and respected worldwide, especially after the Bossa Nova movement in the mid-1960s, which led our music to be performed by world icons like Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis, it continues to surprise and seduce fans everywhere where it arrives, regardless of distance or any cultural and linguistic barriers.

Part of this magic and diversity is due to the intense mixture of peoples, religions, races and traditions held since the formation of our country, a very peculiar and unprecedented event in the world. Brazil became, early in its history, a great cultural – and particularly musical – melting pot.

The state of São Paulo is today a privileged place where this creative mix is still going very strong. With 40 million inhabitants, representing 30% of national GDP, São Paulo is the most cosmopolitan state in South America. It homes nearly three million immigrants from 70 different nationalities. Its population - the most diversified of Brazil - mainly descended from Italian and Portuguese immigrants, although there is also a strong influence of Amerindians, Africans and other large migratory flows, such as Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and German.

Direct result of such diversity, the music here is created today following the most varied styles and forms (regional music, samba, jazz, rock - and even the so called "cult" or erudite music), being materialized in expressions that refuse any kind of classification, difficult to be labeled, but that certainly represent a very up-to-date picture of the best and most comprehensive Brazilian Popular Music.


SPMUSICA is a recent project of a collective of associations and producers dedicated to music in São Paulo, which aims to expand production, promotion and especially the export of Brazilian music produced in the state.

In the 15 tracks of this CD, there is a small (but significant) sample of the music being made and heard today in our state. Through our website, www.spmusica.org, several other artists who represent the diversity and richness of our music can be found.

SPMUSICA has the support of the Ministry of Culture and the State of São Paulo, and will be present, from now on, in various fairs and music events in Brazil and abroad, always presenting the music produced in our state and seeking new opportunities for artists who live here to promote their art and their music to all over the world.

Borandá | Capucho Produções | Cooperativa de Música | Iracema | Scubidu Records



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