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Instrumental pieces of Ottoman Music were first transcribed by the Europeans living in Istanbul in the first quarter of 17th century. But most of these pieces transcribed by historians like Alberto Bobowski and Dimitrius Cantemir were forgotten and were almost never perfromed in the following centuries.

The leading kemence virtuoso of Turkey, Derya Türkan has is performing these pieces together with the distinguished cellist of Turkey Uğur Isik and famous French bass player Renaud Garcia Fons with a contemporary understanding. While kemence is travelling along very high musical borders as a traditional instrument, together with the timbres of cello and upright bass, we are experienceing a brand new musical synthesis.

The pieces performed were originally written for the Ottoman Grand Segneour to listen in his imperial lodge in the Seraglio of Constantinople. Composers are subjects of Sultan from various nations and the pieces are reflecting the melodic conception that dominated the 17th century..

The three hundred years old pieces, as a result of masterful melodic movements and modern accompanying attitudes, reach an identity which is clearly concievable and enjoyable today.