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Through concerts and other events Kulsan endeavours to acquaint people in the Netherlands with art and culture from Turkey. The name Kulsan comes from

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Through concerts and other events Kulsan endeavours to acquaint people in the Netherlands with art and culture from Turkey. The name Kulsan comes from ‘kültür’ and ‘sanat’, the Turkish words for culture and art. Kulsan was founded in 1987 by immigrants from Turkey.

Kulsan's activities serve as foundations for a cultural bridge. Music is central to this endeavor: Turkish classical music, mystical music, authentic folk music, traditional music of the various cultural groups that together form the mosaic that is Turkey.
In the past 20 years, Kulsan has organised more than 500 concerts and performances with musicians and other artists from Turkey. Additionally, Kulsan organises musical cross-overs between music from Turkey, The Netherlands and other countries. Kulsan demonstrates that music is an exquisite means to intercultural communication and mutual understanding.

Kulsan invites performers from Turkey with a reputation for high quality interpretations of the authentic cultural heritage. Each year, 30 to 40 concerts are organised, which are attended by people from Dutch and Turkish backgrounds. Kulsan also presents Turkish musicians residing in the Netherlands and Turkish-Dutch groups.

Some of Kulsan's concerts are organised in the context of a tour or festival, while others are offered individually by Kulsan or provided at the request of venues and festival organisers. The productions are developed by Kulsan, in cooperation with advisors and artists. Some are co-productions with various venues, conservatories and orchestras. Kulsan concerts are also commissioned by programmers in Turkey for festivals and venues in the large cities. Additionally, Kulsan presents Dutch music groups in Turkey.

In collaboration with other organisations Kulsan regularly organises Turkish film festivals or film days.

Kulsan also functions as adviser and intermediary in the wider field of art and culture from Turkey. Kulsan supplies concerts and other activities from Turkish culture to a variety of cultural institutions on request.

To make these activities possible, Kulsan has built an extensive network of contacts in Turkey. In The Netherlands, Kulsan has gained a good reputation with the public, venues, other cultural organisations and the media. For its efforts, Kulsan receives structural support from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the City of Amsterdam and occasionally from cultural funds and sponsors.

Kulsan is producer and organiser of the extensive “Turkey Now!” festival, which took place in the Netherlands for the first time in 2007, to great acclaim, and had its second edition in the autumn of 2008. The festivals are produced in collaboration with organisations in Turkey, such as the IKSV and the ‘Istanbul 2010’ foundation, and are subsidised in both countries. The next two editions of Turkey Now! will take place in February/March 2010, the year in which Istanbul will be the European Capital of Culture, and in February/March 2012, the anniversary of 400 years of diplomatic and cultural relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.



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