"Wátina" - Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Colletive

Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Colletive
Watina Cover
  • artist:Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Colletive
  • region:Central America
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):Paranda, Garifuna
  • country:Belize
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD-ROM,
  • record submitted by:Stonetree Records
  • label:Stonetree Records
  • publisher:Stonetree Music
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Years in the making, Wátina is infused with contemporary influences, yet firmly rooted in the rich musical traditions of the Garifuna culture. Belizean icon, Andy Palacio, leads an all-star, multi-generational lineup to deliver a monumental tribute to the Garifuna of yesterday and tomorrow.

The tale of Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective traces its roots to the early 1980s, when a teenage Palacio traveled from his home in the Central American country of Belize to Nicaragua to serve in a literacy campaign. Palacio is Garifuna, a unique culture based on the Caribbean coast of Central America that blends elements of West African and Native Caribbean heritage. Andy was told that Nicaragua's local Garifuna traditions and language were all but extinct. He was en route via boat to the Nicaraguan village of Orinoco to begin his first literacy assignment, when a storm forced a change of direction, leading to a surprise encounter that had a lasting impact on Palacio's music, career, and life mission. The legacy of this life-changing meeting lives on in the music of Wátina, a stunning new album featuring an all-star, multigenerational lineup of Garifuna musicians from Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.