"Maya K'ekchi' Strings" - Florencio Mess

Florencio Mess
Maya Strings

In this collection of traditional Maya K'ekchi' songs, master harpist Florencio Mess and his musicians present a rare glimpse into a rich, centuries old culture that continues to live in the rainforests of Belize and Guatemala.

Recorded live in a week-long series of sessions at the historic old Radio Belize studios in Belize City, the album features Mr. Mess and two other village musicians recreating the sounds of their forefathers on traditional instruments handcrafted from rainforest hardwoods.

Maya K'ekchi' music has changed little over the years and it usually centers around the typical harp combo, often driving traditional circle dances. The songs are all instrumental and are performed with hand made traditional guitar, violin and the lead instrument , a thirty string harp, which carries the melody and harmony.