"Weh Mi Lova Deh" - Mr. Peters and His Boom and Chime

Mr. Peters and His Boom and Chime
  • artist:Mr. Peters and His Boom and Chime
  • country:Belize
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Stonetree Records
  • label:Stonetree Records
  • publisher:Stonetree Music

For those unfamiliar with Brukdown, Weh Mi Lova Deh is the ideal introduction to this genuine Belizean style. Brukdown music reflects the journey of the African slave into the mahogany camps of Belize. It uses syncopated rhythms and call and response patterns firmly rooted in Africa, harmonies borrowed from Europe and lyrical themes colored with the Belizean Creole language and experience. Brukdown became the music of the people, whether urban or rural, and it still fuels parties today.

Mr. Peters' driving accordion and fascinating, double entendre Creole lyrics have made him Belize's best loved musician.