Stoneyport Associates

John Barrow of Edinburgh-based Stoneyport Associates has over 40 years' experience with acoustic/roots/folk/Celtic music and other international acts.

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Stoneyport Associates, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has long experience working with acoustic/roots/folk/Celtic music acts. The agency began in 1987 (as Stoneyport Agency) but 'boss' John Barrow had already been very active since about 1965 running festivals, clubs, and concerts in Edinburgh.

In addition to continuously touring the acts in our roster, we programme two venues during the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe (August: see - the Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's (two spaces - 250 seats and 50 seats; see, and The Queen's Hall (800 seats: see, well-known as one the UK's many international touring venues.

The agency's roster has developed over the years and now boasts some of the best known performers in the UK and one or two from abroad as well (see; or ...

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas : Allan Taylor : Allan Taylor and Rab Noakes : Amos Garrett (Canada) : Andy M Stewart and Gerry O'Beirne : Bert Jansch : Bellevue Rendezvous : The Bevvy Sisters : Chloe Matharu : Chris and Thomas (USA) : Deaf Shepherd : Dick Gaughan : Fribo (Scotland-Scandinavia) : International Guitar Night (USA and others) : Ivan Drever : Ivan Drever Band : Jani Lang Band (Hungary) : Jason Wilson band (Canadian reggae) with Dick Gaughan, Dave Swarbrick and The Bevvy Sisters : Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller : The Ideal Band : Laura Cortese (USA) : Lulo Reinhardt Project (Germany) : Malinky : Michael Marra : Mick Hanly & Arty McGlynn (Ireland) : Mike Whellans : Pipedown : The Poozies : Rab Noakes : Sharon King : Sinsheen : String Contingent (Australia) : String Theory : The Wrigley Sisters.

We are continually looking for territories into which to expand our touring activities



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  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2002


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