"Speransa" - Izaline Calister

Izaline Calister
New album Izaline Calister


Taken from the new album Speransa
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  • artist:Izaline Calister
  • featured artist:Izaline Calister
  • region:Caribbean
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Jazz, Vocal
  • country:Netherlands
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record submitted by:Stroom Management
  • label:Brigadoon (Benelux only)
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Speransa” means « hope » and is Izaline Calister’s first album in three years and her fifth solo album.
In recent years, she has focused more the composition of the songs. Always a composer in the past, but with the creation of this album Izaline changed her approach to the songwriting process. “I used to think that it was a random, magical process, but now I realize that it’s a discipline in and of itself, one you can willfully control, at least in part. Upon finishing a song, I used to think that it had happened by accident and that it might never happen again. Now I know that you can will yourself to write songs by treating it as an assignment to yourself, or from someone else.” Thanks in part to these assigned songwriting sessions, Izaline’s confidence in her composition abilities grew.
Calister composed all of the material on the album, with the exception of Columbian vallenato entitled “Obsession”, originally written by Sergio Amarys. Marc Bischoff, her pianist, suggested recording the song after re-arranging it. « The rhythm is a bit different now. It turned into a Curaçaon dansa, and I rewrote the lyrics, giving it the title “Preteksto” ».
With “Speransa”, Izaline Calister delivers a spectacular, personal album while displaying her skills as a singer and songwriter.