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Lilian Vieira
Debut album Lilian Vieira


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Debut album Lilian Vieira |
album title: Lilian Vieira

With a sound bite of her mother Lilian Vieira opens her eponymous solo album whose melodies effortlessly wrap around you like a Brazilian canga. The mix of cavaquinho, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar and musical saw is unusual for Brazilians. In combination with the sound bites of her father and mother, it brings us HER Samba Soul; A rhythmic interplay of soulful and groovy fragments, inspired by her heroes like Jorge Ben, Trio Mocotó and Tim Maia.

This album leads us to her childhood, the seventies, her native soil and her parents who let the love for music run through her veins. “ I came home in the making of this album, the circle is complete. This CD is the musical document of my life there and here and then and now.”
Almost 25 years ago this Brazilian set foot in the Netherlands. Lilian Vieira is best known as co-founder and front woman of the brazilectro formation Zuco103. Since their musical break she is a sought after soloist of a.o. the famous Metropole Orchestra and many other ensembles. But in the mean time she started to work on her very first solo album.
“In the pause following the international tours with Zuco103 I was surprised in my dreams by lyrics and melodies. I could not help but record them.”These dreams, combined with her inspiring Samba Soul theatre tour in 2008, drove her to create this debut album.

The album Lilian Vieira is produced by Wiboud Burkens, known as producer of Jungle by Night and other Dutch acts. “I’ve plucked up courage and just asked him, with trembling knees though. He didn’t only say yes, but he embraced the project with open arms. Burkens has completed my songs.”
During a musical trip to São Paulo in 2013 Vieira and Burkens, together with musicians from her band and João Parahyba (Trio Mocoto) – one of the founders of the Samba Soul- have laid the foundation for the songs Longe en O Que Eu Mais Queria. You will almost physically experience the heat in the tiny studio, the vapour on the windows and the sweat on the back when listening to these songs. “In the time of the rise of the Samba Soul I was 9 years old. When everybody was dancing in the streets, I was too young for that. I had never
imagined that years later I would be in the studio to record my own Samba Soul album. When Burkens asked Parahyba to describe my music, he said: Samba Soul. For me this is a huge compliment.”

The album starts with a sound fragment of her mother and ends with a blessing of her father, which is not for nothing. In the life of Lilian Vieira sadness and joy alternate when it is about the actual and emotional distance between her motherland Brazil and her homeland the Netherlands. Herein the music will always reach her the connecting hand.
Lilian Vieira brings her Samba Soul combining effortlessly her own compositions with highlights from the Samba Soul

Next to her band members Wiboud Burkens- keys, Marijn van der Linden- acoustic guitar/ cavaquinho, Breno Viricimo- bass guitar, Udo Demandt- drums

Also participated in this album: João Parahyba (Trio Mocotó) – percussion, The Special Request Horns: Jan van Duikeren – trumpet, Louk Boudesteijn – trombone, Guido Nijs – alt sax, Flavio Silva – guitar, Julya Lo’ko - vocals, Henrik Holm – musical saw, Ivan Greg – accordion, Ilja Reijngoud – trombone, Vincent Spitters- percussion, Enrique Firpi-drums