Teresa Salgueiro

Line up

  • André Filipe Santos  (Guitar)
  • Carisa Marcelino  (Accordion)
  • Óscar Torres  (Double Bass)
  • Rui Lobato (Drums, Percussion and Guitar)

Teresa Salgueiro was born in Lisbon on January 8th 1969. In 1986, with just 17 years old, she forms the most famous group ever Portuguese abroad - Madredeus. Between 1987 and 2007, Madredeus has sold over five million albums worldwide. She also participated as lead actress in feature film by Wim Wenders, entitled "Lisbon Story".
In parallel with the activity of the group, releases the album "Obrigado" (2006) who meets participation with various artists such as Jose&769; Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Angelo Branduardi, among others. Records two albums in 2007 in partnership with the Septet Joa&771;o Cristal (Voce&770; e Eu) and the Lusitania Ensemble (La Serena) that explores diverse musical universes demonstrating his versatility as an interpreter. Maintained, with these two projects and for two years, a regular program of concerts in Europe, Brazil and Mexico.
Also in 2007 the invitation of the Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner participates as a solo voice on the album "Silence Night and Dreams." With this concert, which had its debut at the Acropolis in Athens, took the stage in several European cities like Paris, London or P&322;ock.
The June 30, 2007 Teresa Salgueiro was presented at the Teatro S. Carlo in Naples, at the invitation of the Solis String Quartet to play a set of songs reminiscent of the legacy of Neapolitan music. Two years later, in 2010, born Concert "Canti Navigant" which premiered in the select cities of Italy.
Already as an independent artist in August 2008 with the idea of gathering a repertoire that would portray the different eras, traditions, customs and Portuguese regions, meets again with the Lusitania Ensemble and thus was born the album "Matriz", whose concerts was presented in Europe and Africa.
"Voltarei a&768; Minha Terra" was a journey through the collective memory of the Portuguese music of the century. XX. With a new lineup, Teresa Salgueiro took over the direction of the musical arrangements which draws an original language that reflects a poetic universe, born of Portuguese words and feelings.
The journey of 25 years of uninterrupted dedication to the music of Teresa Salgueiro now culminates in the creation of original pieces that was born of the encounter with Teresa and musicians have chosen. And for the first time, she dedicated to the writing of lyrics of all songs.
Over nine months, from November 2010 to July 2011, developed the concepts and ideas crystallized into musical forms.
Invited Anto&769;nio Pinheiro da Silva, with whom he shared the first ten years of recordings and concerts of his life, to co-produce this new album.
During the month of August 2011, they retire to the Convent of Arra&769;bida in the surroundings of the Sierra, and set up a recording studio where they record the seventeen themes that give rise to the album "O Misterio".

Teresa Salgueiro


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