"Eva Ayllón sings Chabuca Granda" - Eva Ayllón

Eva Ayllón
Art cover of the DVD version from the release Eva Ayllón sings Chabuca Granad. Live from Buenos Aires
Art cover of the CD version from the release Eva Ayllón sings Chabuca Granda. Live from Buenos Aires


composed by Chabuca Granda this song is included in the show
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  • artist:Eva Ayllón
  • featured artist:Eva Ayllón, Marco Campos, Jocho Velasquez, Rosa Ayllón, Mariano Liy, Facundo Guevara, Franco Luciani, Laura Albarracín
  • region:South America
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Folk
  • country:Argentina
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc), DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc),
  • record submitted by:Sura
  • label:Suramusic

Eva Ayllon is a Peruvian singer with a distinctive voice, tremendous stage presence and notable versatility for interpreting diverse musical styles. Eva was nominated for 3 Latin Grammys for Best Folklore Album. Her musical roots are primarily founded in creole music and afroperuvian music. In may 2009 he made 3 concerts in Argentina with a new show called "Eva Ayllón sings Chabuca Granda". All the repertoire belongs to the great composer of peruvian waltzes and landós. This concerts have been filmed and recorded and are now available in DVD and CD format released by Suramusic for all the world. Eva is joined by great peruvian musicians like Marcos Campos (Cajón and Congas), Jocho Velasquez (Guitar), Mariano Liy (Bass and 2ºguitar), Rosa Ayllón (vocals) and prestigious argentinian musicians like Facundo Guevara (Percussión), Franco Luciani (Harmonica) and Laura Albarracín (Vocals.)
In almost all of her recordings, Eva pays tribute to Chabuca Granda the most important female Peruvian composer with whom Eva maintained a very close friendship. “Eva Ayllón Canta a Chabuca Granda” (“Eva Ayllón sings to Chabuca Granda”) is a performance that expresses a fluid and inspiring relationship between the greatest Peruvian composer and one of the greatest Peruvian singers.