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  • country:Poland
  • label:not signed
  • artist submitted by:Sutari

Line up

  • Basia Songin (vocals, Polish folk drums, double bass, percussion)
  • Kasia Kapela (vocals, violin, baraban drum, percussion, everyday)
  • Zosia Barańska (violin, vocals, baraban drum, percussion, everyday)


Sutari is the brain-child of three young women: singers, instrumentalists and performers, each from different musical and theatrical backgrounds, coming together to continue the tradition of home-made folk music. They play violins, basetla and drum as well as exploring the musical potential of everyday objects such as a hand mixer, grater, bottles and a wrench: kitchen avant-garde. Their compositions are based on Polish and Lithuanian folk songs. They are particularly inspired by the sound and character of Lithuanian Sutartines, sung only by women in perfect harmony. Sutari actually means: to harmonize. Sutari sings in the kitchen, through open windows and by the fireplace, pouring tea, baking a cake or listening to the ticking of the clock, walking in the woods, sitting on a bench or standing on a bridge by a lake. Visitors welcome.

In September 2014 Sutari has released it's first album "Wiano" (although the band has been playing together since 2012).
In August 2015 Sutari recorded a live performance session for the legendary American radio KEXP.