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Milen Ivanov is a Bulgarian conductor and performer of folk songs.
He studied at the musical school "Panayot Pipkov" in Pleven and the National Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov", specialising in choral conducting in the class of Professor Lilia Gyuleva. He is an editor in Bulgarian National Television and TV host to the tv shows "Bulgarian lessons" and “Goes our music” (“Ide nashenskata musica").
In 1996 Milen creates “Eva Quartet”, where are signing Gergana Dimitrova, Sofia Kovacheva, Evelina Spasova, Daniela Stoichkova, who are singers in "The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices" / Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares too. For a short time the quartet is established as one of the leading chamber folk ensembles. "Eva Quartet" released several solo albums, and has performances in the most prestigious concert halls in the world.

Since 1998 he`s been working with Daniel Spassov. Their creative quests are related to Bulgarian two part singing. They are searching and recording samples of the most ancient stratums of Bulgarian folklore (Music of Bulgaria), in most of the records they experiment, superimpose voices, find modern music making. In 2003 released their first album with rebel, historical and renaissance songs; in 2005 they present the album "Bulgarian Diaphonic Singing". Make a lot of concerts in Bulgaria and private tours abroad - Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Israel, Corsica, Switzerland. In 2008 released an album with ancient Bulgarian Orthodox Church songs "Thou art blessed,Lord". In 2009 released the album "Christmas Blessing". "The Mystery of the Ritual" released in 2012, included ritual songs of Bulgarian celebration rituals.

In 2009 Milen Ivanov, Daniel Spassov, Stanimir Ivanov and Viktor Tomanov create male vocal formation Svetoglas. This formation is associated with the Christian music, Traditional music and its contemporary sound. The first musical project Svetoglas is entitled "The Wheel of Life".

In the last few years Svetoglas realizes several recordings of ancient ecclesiastical chants for the second independent project "Ancient Orthodox Hymns". The formation has made a number of successful tours in Russia, England, Norway, Belgium and Spain. Participated in the international festival "Music of Faith" in Kazan, Russia, the Festival of Spiritual Music in Drammen, Norway, the Festival of Sacred Music "Maestro de la Roza" in Oviedo, Spain, International Music Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, 16 International Tollerance Festival “Murcia – three cultures”, Spain, at the International Festival for Sacred Music “Fausto Flamini” in “Saint Mary Aracoeli” Basilica in Rome, Italy, Festival "Music of the Earth", Ceriana, Italy and Fundacion "Juan March", Madrid, Spain.
Milen Ivanov conductor of the choir "Slavic sounds".

Milen Ivanov

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