Drops of Green

Drops of Green
  • country:Ireland
  • style(s):Celtic, Irish
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Take 2 Promotions

Line up

  • James Ring (Bass & Vocals)
  • Lee Campion (Vocals, Banjo & Guitar)
  • Ross Hennessy (Mandolin & Vocals)
  • Sean Kearney (Vocals & Accordion)


Drops of Green are a band of four young Irish men hailing from Laois, Kilkenny and Waterford. Formed in early 2014 they are Ireland’s newest and most exciting young balladeers. Featuring a variety of instruments, from Mandolin to Accordion and Whistles to Guitar, their show is a must see for Irish music fans young and old alike.

Combining this vast instrumentation with blissful four part vocal harmonies they cover all of your favourite Irish melodies within the show’s setlist, while bringing their own unique and modern style to all of these classics, along with a wealth of tradition, storytelling and passion. Drops of Green’s unmissable show is packed with energy and entertainment.

In a short space of time they have already toured America for 11 months where they have performed in Las Vegas, Boston, New York and Florida to name but a few and are currently back and forth to Europe such as Germany, Italy, Netherlands and France performing at festivals. Drops of green are quickly building a fan base both home and abroad and are looking forward to releasing their brand new original album in March 2017.