Flamenco Eléctrico

Line up

  • David Domínguez (percussion)
  • Jordi Bonell (flamenco electric guitar)
  • Oliver Haldón (flamenco guitar)
  • Salao (vocals)

WOMEX 13 Official Showcase Selection

This project unites two of the most stunning revelations of the new flamenco scene, on one hand the unique and original voice of the astonishing Salao, a flamenco singer that wins the audience's affection with his creativity, his tessitura made of a supernatural tone and his song modulation. On the other hand the energetic electrified guitar of the sensational Jordi Bonell, who has the complicity of the canonical guitar of Oliver Haldon and the participation of David Dominguez on drums and percussion. Flamenco opened to new horizons and sounds, without ever losing sight of its roots.


Flamenco Eléctrico


Flamenco EléctricoFlamenco EléctricoFlamenco EléctricoFlamenco Eléctrico


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