Ken Boothe
ken Boothe
  • country:Jamaica
  • style(s):Roots, Ska
  • label:Studio One / Island Records
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Talowa Productions

Line up

  • Ken Boothe (Vocal)


When this musical prodigy takes center stage, musical sounds are formed into an unforgettable, everlasting combination of audio and visual artistry.

This icon of Reggae Music lets his light shine beyond any musical appearance. Ken’s musical gift radiates with love, raw talent, and high voltage energy.
He becomes a highly tuned living instrument, producing unparalleled. vocal, rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic sounds varying with the soulful intent of his emotions.

Ken Boothe has one of the most powerful, passionate, emotive voices in the world. He clearly uses the “power of spirit” within to sing from his heart. He is positive energy in motion, extending beyond boundaries, using his “musical genius” to restore harmony, peace and love to this world.

Personal data: Legendary entertainer, singer, song writer and musician. Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Married with children. Proud family man with a strong sense of love for humanity.

Titles: Mr. Rock Steady, Mr. Smooth, The Voice of Choice, Reggae Giant, The Banner Carrying Singer, King of the Black, Gold, & Green, Master of Musical Dynamics and Internationally Acclaimed
Reggae Artist.

Latest Ventures: Released his 22nd album, a Gospel collection, “Door 2 Door” and completed his newest album, “Love is The Ultimate”. Shooting a music video of his legendary hit, “The Train is Coming” with the British Icon group UB 40. Performing twice with the London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra at the Apollo Theater in London, England.

Fame: His international hit, “Everything I Own” maintained the number one spot on the British National Chart. Also his follow up hit, “Crying Over You” reached number 11 on the BBC. A combination recording with DJ Shaggy of the “Train is Coming” was adopted as the theme song for the movie, “Money Train”.

Musical Awards: The two most recent awards received were the Order of Distinction (O.D.) from the Government of Jamaica and his induction into the Caribbean Hall of Fame, both in 2004. He was granted the Bob Marley Lifetime Achievement Award” in May of 2000 and “The Reggae / Soca Living Legend Award” in March of 1999. In addition, Boothe has received numerous other musical awards during his musical career.

Favorite Pastime: Watching movies, videos, listening to music and observing life / people watching.

Interests: Loves Gospel music and plans to record another Gospel album in the near future. Creating music with spiritual unity which spreads the message that “Love is the Ultimate” .

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Ken Boothe