Line up

  • Alborosie (Vocal)
  • The Shengen Clan (Backing band)


Reggae’s now gone beyond race and nationality. It’s Jamaica’s gift to the world and people loves it – not just for those irrepressible rhythms, but what the music stands for. It’s therefore no surprise to learn that fifty years after its birth, reggae’s current elite includes a singer from Sicily living in Jamaica since more than 10 years now: Alborosie.

Studio engineer, producer, and vocalist, Alborosie may not be Jamaican by birth, yet he promotes reggae music in its truest sense touring the whole world (USA, Europe, South America). With dreadlocks almost touching the floor, he’s a proud Rastafarian armed with rebel philosophy.

20 years after Bob Marley started his mission to spread Reggae message around the world, Alborosie is nowadays in the vanguard of an exciting new era for Reggae, and with a bunch of critically acclaimed albums to his name (and Mobo awarded Best Reggae act in 2011) is now ready to reach different countries in the world to bring his message of Peace, Love and Unity.

Superb stage performer alongside his Jamaican backing band called The Shengen Clan, Alborosie is a self-made man that will surely push out the borders of Reggae to uplift the people with music and altruistic spirit.

"The universal nah forgot places, so it's a revolution we say reggae is our mission"
Alborosie "One Sound"

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