• country:Uzbekistan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Roots, Sufi
  • label:Guli-Bonu
  • artist submitted by:Tarona Records Company


Have you ever thought: What can join Oriental poetry with its deep meaning & Central Asian ethnic music with its folk tunefulness? Makom is an embodiment of these two muses…
Dilnura is a generally recognized Central Asian Diva of makom-singing, the genre of big cycle compositions. Makoms are traditionally Sufi songs performing to traditional Uzbek music instruments. The lyrics of makoms are comprised by the poems of Oriental poets (Jami, Navoi, Fuzuli, Khafiz, Bedil, Mukimi, Ogakhi and others). Dilnura has deep, rich and temperament feminine vocal, which charms you with its enigmatic and pathetic influence. She has extraordinary ability to grow accustomed to a tune-intonation related to the peculiarity of melody and verse theme. Since 1983 Tashkent holds a contest of makom performance, in which Dilnura is successfully presented annually since 1997.
Music events:
[1997] Tashkent, Nobel Prize as a Rising Star of Ethnic Music Genre by Uzbeknavo Tour Concert Association;
[2001] Tashkent, First Prize for Makom Performance by Uzbeknavo Tour Concert Association;
[2003] Tashkent, “Nihol” Nobel Prize for ethnic performance by President’s of Republic of Uzbekistan Encouragement of Young Talents Fund;
[2003] Samarqand, First Prize at 4th International Music Festival “Shark Taronalari”;
[2004] Dilnura released her album “K’ongil” (“Soul”), and presently works on several music projects.

As Dilnura says, “I discovered myself, discovered in Makom singing.”