Zafer Demir

Line up

  • Zafer Demir (world percussion/tembur (saz))
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • World
    • Ethno
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
    Band, Solo
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

I am a kurdish-swedish world percussionist and tembur (saz) player. I currently am a master of music student in world music performance programme at the Malmo Academy of Music.
I played with several world music ensembles and worked with several different world music groups as a professional musician both in Kurdistan, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Danmark,
Switzerland, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia, England.

I am very interested in world music, jazz,contemporary improvisation.

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