"Conversations With The Unseen" - Soweto Kinch

  • artist:Soweto Kinch
  • featured artist:Abram Wilson
  • release year:2003
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Jazz
  • country:Bahrain
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:The Dune Music Company Ltd
  • label:Dune Records

Conversations With The Unseen is Soweto's critically
acclaimed debut album showcasing his unique
bop-time-to-phat-time-to-no-time blend of
instrumental/rap jazz. It's where Charlie Parker and
Q-Tip enter the zone, shuffling and boiling the mix.

'One of the best and most original British jazz
albums ever made.' Tony Hall

'Kinch's debut CD, Conversations With the Unseen,
demonstrated that hip-hop and DJ culture could
mesh with the fluency of contemporary bebop, and
makes him the most significant offspring of the
black British jazz scene since Courtney Pine.'
- The Guardian Jazz Album of The Year 2003

'If there's anyone who still believes that musicians
from other nations don't swing as hard as
Americans, this group should convince them
otherwise. The effort [to get the album] is worth
making; Soweto Kinch is that good.'