Urna Chahar-Tugchi

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  • Urna Chahar-Tugchi (Vocals)
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    • Contemporary
    • Vocal
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All over the world Urna excites audiences and critics alike, transporting them on a wonderful journey

Urna Chahar_Tugchi brings the magic of the Mongolian nomads to enthralled audiences all over the world. Her magic comes not only on the rich culture of Inner Mongolian music but also from her breathtakingly beautiful four octave voice which soars as an eagle to the highest heights in one moment and then with a warmth and gentleness that embraces the listener. Urna was Urna was born into a family of herders in the grasslands of the Ordos Plateau in Inner Mongolia a society where song is a part of everyday life. And it is these distant plains that Urna conjures up for mesmerised audiences.

Urna Chahar_Tugchi is now based in Berlin where she has lived from some time and works with top European musicians, touring the world with her music that remains undeniably Mongolian whilst exploring the best of world music. Her forthcoming CD with the Polish group is a shining example of this. Kroke are inspired by Urna’s songs which in turn drives her Mongolian music to new heights.


Urna Chahar-Tugchi


Urna Chahar_Tugchi

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