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"Ruza" is a song from the first album of MR ZARKO
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Mr Zarko with the song "Post It" which will be part of the new album, to be released soon!
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Balkan, Gypsy
  • label:Pyro Music
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, brass, rock band, dance orchestra, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Tomato Production

Line up

  • Alan Sommer (trumpet)
  • Aydin Gülgen (percussion)
  • Katya Tasheva (vocals)
  • Nikolai Scharnofske (tuba, bass)
  • Philipp Bernhardt (drums)
  • Rares Zamfir (baritone horn)
  • Sebi Zamfir (baritone horn)
  • Vladimir Kaparov (sax)
  • Zarko Jovasevic (guitar, flute, lead vocals)


With Mr Žarko from Guca to Berlin and back!

Mr Žarko was born in Cacak in the heartland of Serbia, just a stone’s throw away from the small town of Guca which is famous for hosting the legendary trumpet festival with hundred thousands of fanatics each year. In the Balkans, people from the Cacak area enjoy a peculiar reputation, partly explained by Mr Žarko as »folkloristical madness«, a very special form of insanity which he imported with his music to Berlin several years ago.

Together with his five or even more band members from Bulgaria, Romania and Germany, Mr Žarko performs his own compositions, »songs of laughter, pain, dances and tears«, adding an extremely danceable gypsy beat, a psychedelic twist spiced by a gloomy flavor. Authentic Balkan brass melodies are built on grooves and samples from all over the globe, all of them played 100% live. The musicians occasionally grab the opportunity to take a solo. But don’t worry, this stuff is definitely made for the dance floor.

Several band members have played in well known Balkan acts like Shantel, Miss Platnum, Rotfront, or Fanfara Kalashnikov, and the famous DJ and author Vladimir Kaminer invited the band to play at the opening of his »Rodina« club in Berlin. In 2013 the band released its debut album »Electric Gypsy Disco Noise« - expect exactly this on stage!

The band is now recording their second studio album which will be released in 2017, featuring one of the greatest Gypsy brass bands: BOJAN KRSTIC ORKESTAR from Vladicin Han, Serbia, winner of the Golden Trumpet in Guca 2015!


"Balkan Herbal Clinic" - Mr Zarko