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Tommy Caggiani Therion Project is an original ethnic-jazz music group born in Spain, founded in 2012 by an italian musician with spanish collaborators

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  • WOMEX 2014

company description

The Tommy Caggiani Therion Project was born by an original idea of its band-leader.

The Group's name is inspired to the Greek word "therion", half animal – half human, allusive to the prehistoric figures of theriantropos where the superhuman strength of the transformation is witnessed, as well as the energy of the music created by the group.

Tommy Caggiani is an exception within the world of jazz. Italian in origin, he has lived in different parts of the world. Drummer, percussionist, composer and music therapist (Master of the Danish University of Aalborg), he is teaching drums and Membranophones of the no-western tradition at the Superior Jazz Conservatory of Navarra (Spain). He has conducted research on self-healing therapies related to sound and ethnic musics, creating his own method of “Healing Percussion”.

Life has led him to collaborate with great artists such as: Maurizio Giammarco, Antonello Salis, Donald Alridge, Malik Yaqub, Bob Sands, Jerry González, Jorge Pardo, José Luis Gutiérrez, Javier Colina, Kepa Junkera, Baldo Martínez, Monastyr, Claudio Recabarren Trio and Javier Paxariño among others.
After all these collaborations Tommy Caggiani has decided to create his own project, whose repertoire consists of own compositions where his attitude to life, his travels and experiences, his soaking in so diverse musical cultures, led him to a genuine fusion of ethnic rhythms and improvisation of jazz. Therefore, his music is as he is: eclectic, heterogeneous, rich in african rhythms and sonorities, generous, optimistic, energetic and happy; is a form of playing that celebrates life.

Tommy Caggiani is the organizer of the Jazz festival “Ni CaJazz!” of La Rioja, Spain.



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