Hafid leader of BANIA at La VILLETTE - Paris
Bania at the Studi de l'Ermitage in Paris
El Hadi El Hassar from Bania
Bania at The Studio de l'Ermitage in Paris


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  • country:Algeria
  • region:Île de France
  • style(s):Desert Blues
  • label:Tour'n'sol Prod.
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Tour'n'sol Prod.


BANIA is combining sacred songs, traditional algerian narrations and more personnal compositions, Bania tells us the story of the Sahara and its Inhabitants. Based on the traditional Algerian gnawa music called Diwane, taking its roots in Sub-saharian Africa to bloom in the Maghreb, enriched by many other influences such as Ahelli or Gouaril, rhythms and carried by the powerful and intense voice of Hafid Bidari, BANIA gives a contemporary vision of the Diwane, where the rhythmic complexity of the percussions and the goumbri joined to the energy of the guitars lead to the trance.

From 5 to 8 musicians :

Hafid Bidari : chant, gumbri,karkabou, bendir.
Billel Soudani : gumbri, karkabou, choeurs.
Thierry Fournel : guitare, ngoni, choeurs.
Michel Petry : batterie
Emrah Kaptan : Basse
Hnifi Ammour : gumbri karkabou
El Hadi El Hassar : guitare, karkabou, choeurs.
Khireddine Medjoubi : percussions, karkabou, choeurs.
Mohammed Menni : Percussions, karkabou, choeurs.

☼ discographie
Alwane -13 titres - Autoprod - Janvier 2015