Giacomo Lariccia

Giacomo Lariccia


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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Songwriter
  • label:Sempre Avanti
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Tourbilion


Giacomo Lariccia sings fairy tales about worlds near and far, stories heard during his childhood and fragments of history. Thoughts, visions and dreams caught ona piece of paper that now can run free through his music. His words show the uneasiness of living in this Europe, anaesthetized by richness and wellness. They talk about virtues and vices of our world.
His notes tell us about history, as seen from the eyes of someone who couldn't experience it, but suffered its effects that are often dramatic.
His songs tell us about the beauty of love and the difficulty of loving, of the will to live and to look forward.

After crossing Northern Europe highways, hitchhiking with his guitar on the shoulders, Giacomo Lariccia in the end fell in love with Bruxelles and with Jazz. He recorded his first album as guitar player and, joining musicians coming from every country and every origin, he travelled and played, this time heading South (Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Barhain, Italy, Spain).

Suddenly, after many years of notes and solos, he discovered the power of words. He started writing, writing, and writing more and more.
The sound of a guitar can touch emotions, but words can go deeper, they can affect people and make them laugh, creating an alternative world and changing the one we are living in. Whit his songs, Giacomo Lariccia walks on the alley of dreams, over the rails of memory and plays with characters coming from his fantasy and beautiful tales.

One of his songs, by sheer luck, ended up in the hands of a reviewer that, without letting him know, enrolled him to his first music contest, which he won...and now with a hundred fans, he produced his first album as a storyteller: COLPO DI SOLE.

In February 2014 has been released his new album "SEMPRE AVANTI"