Danny KilBride


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Director of trac.

I have been a musician since birth and did my first gig with my parents at the age of nine. Since then I have explored music that comes from many of the communities of Wales and performed with the KilBride Brothers, Carreg Lafar, Sidan, Taran, the Root Doctors, Yr Hwntws, Rag Foundation and many more.

I have toured internationally and have recorded over twenty albums.

As an active member of the Musicians Union I attended WOMEX on behalf of the Folk, Roots and Traditional Music Section, representing artists from the UK.

In 2008 I was asked to programme the Welsh presence at Festival Interceltique Lorient for the Welsh Government which gave me a deeper insight into the music business and firmed my resolve to make a positive difference for our musicians in Wales.

In 1998 I founded trac, the development agency for traditional music in Wales and was appointed Director in 2011.

I continue to perform the music that has sustained a career of over forty years and hope to be doing it in another forty.

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