"Batraks' life" from "Na uschod. - Go East. Freedom Or Death""
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  • country:Poland
  • region:Warsaw
  • style(s):Folk, Punk
  • label:Karrot Kommando
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Transetnika Association

Line up

  • Aga Sroczyńska  (viola d’amore, throat)
  • Kamil Rogiński (bandmaster, saz)
  • Konrad Rogiński (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone)
  • Maciej Szajkowski (truncheon, frame drum, cymbals, percussions, throa)
  • Michał Stawarz (big drum, snare drum, cymbals)
  • Nasta Niakrasava (throat)
  • Robert Matera (bass, throat)


The Reactionary Terrorist-Artistic Union aka The Movement of Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy

" 'Na uschod.' - Go East. Freedom Or Death. "

Release date: August 2012

Label: Karrot Kommando

After release of debut album "GORE - Songs Of Rebellion And Misery XVI - XX Century" in March 2011, R.U.T.A. - an initiative of Maciej Szajkowski, the leader of Warsaw Village Band - is back with new album, contains 13 band's compositions based on archaic lyrics from peasant songs of revolt against the exploitative feudal system from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

Beside the top Polish committed rock vocalists: Pawel "Guma" Gumola (Moskwa) and Robert "Robal" Matera (Dezerter) CD features unique voices of band's guests: fantastic young Belarusian female singer Nasta Niakrasava, outstanding Kiyov-based ensamble specialized in traditional music from central Ukraine Hulajhorod and Hungarian female shamans HaLuna Music Group.

The music, composed by bandmaster Kamil Roginski, performed on archaic (Plock fiddles, Bilgoraj suka, viola d'amore, baroque violin), acoustic (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, double bass) and traditional (saz's, baraban drum, polish frame drum, djembe) instruments, is played by the great ensemble of Polish folk musicians from Warsaw Village Band, RIVENDELL Orchestra, Klezmafour, Chlopcy Kontra Basia, Mosaic and Czessband.

Four centuries of misery, poverty and slavery enchanted in diabolical compositions. Bloody sounds as simple and honest as they could be. Old instruments, folk poetry and universal message. Eternally valid. According to a druidic rule Truth Against The World.