Warsaw Village Band feat. Mercedes Peón

Warsaw Village Band feat. Mercedes Peón
"Fly My Voice!" single feat Mercedes Peón, 2014
Woodstock Festival 2014
EthnoFallow, Nov 2012
Woodstock Festival 2014
Woodstock Festival 2014
May 2014, recordings


"Fly My Voice!" single 2014, (P) Karrot Kommando
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  • country:Poland
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Trance, Psychedelic
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Transetnika Association

Line up

  • Ewa Wałecka (voice, violin)
  • Maciej Szajkowski (frame drums, perc.)
  • Magdalena Sobczak (voice, dulcimer)
  • Mariusz Dziurawiec (FOH sound engineer, audio effects)
  • Mercedes Peón (voice, pandeireta, Galician bagpipes, electonics)
  • Miłosz Gawryłkiewicz (trumpet)
  • Paweł Mazurczak (double bass)
  • Piotr Gliński (baraban drum, perc.)
  • Sylwia Świątkowska (voice, violin, fiddle from Płock)


Warsaw Village Band & Mercedes Peón
„Sun Celebration”

The concert and forthcoming album release is the effect of 3 years long friendship of Polish progressive roots group Warsaw Village Band with extraordinary Galician multi-instrumentalist and singer Mercedes Peón. Highlights of this time are not only birthdays parties after rehearsals and recording sessions in best Polish studios, but also common tours, including special concert at the main stage of the biggest open-air festival in Poland Przystanek Woodstock on the front of 500 000 attenders!

Warsaw Village Band is the icon of original, intelligent Eastern European music which combines tradition with modern elements and is thrilled listeners from punk rock audiences to classical alike. Despite using only archaic “white voice” vocal technique and playing folk instruments like violin, hammered dulcimer or XVI century Polish vertical fiddles, every of 5 band’s studio albums is full of avant-garde experiments and unique fusions. Launched 1997, the group became the most successful Polish ensemble worldwide, with prestigious BBC Radio 3 Newcomer World Music Award received in 2004 and tour all around Europe, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Mercedes Peón is the most progressive musician of Spanish Galicia. Since her 13th birthday deeply fascinated by the powerful energy of rural music and dance, she took countless trips across A Coruña and became the voice of revival movement, collaborating i.a. with Manu Chao’s Mano Negra. Her trademark since the 2000 debut album is the mix of rock blast and electronic noise with acoustic instruments and outstanding vocals. Socially engaged, Mercedes Peón presents the power of free women’s mind, also by performing solo on stages from Montreal to Istanbul.

Two traditions from opposite endpoints of Europe.
One common pagan ritual to bring back peace and hope.
Sun Celebration.

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