Gathering of Strangers

Gathering of Strangers
'A Gathering of Strangers'
Tim Whelan and Hamid Man Tu
Perunika Trio
Visuals by MIki Shaw
Live at the Sage, Gateshead


feat Jim Moray and Nori Kovacs
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Live at Bush Hall, London
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Line up

  • Artists from across Europe
  • Jim Moray
  • Martin Furey
  • Perunika Trio
  • Trans-Global Underground
  • Village Kollektiv
  • Yanka Rupkina


"Entertaining and inventive...a bold experiment that actually works" THE GUARDIAN

"At at time when immigration and emigrating are hot political issues, 'A Gathering of Strangers' takes things back to a basic inclusiveness....a pan-European journey you'll want to embark on at length" SONGLINES

"An album of hidden depths, attractive musical turns and conceptual intelligence" fROOTS

'A GATHERING OF STRANGERS' was released in the UK for the European-wide project U.N.I.T.E. this summer. Produced by Trans-Global Underground, it's a collection of songs of emigration and exile from across the continent, reworked and re-imagined by artists from Ireland to Bulgaria and back again.

The album was toured under the name UNITE, the line-up including TGU, Martin Furey (Ireland) Jim Moray (UK) the Perunkia Trio (Bulgaria/UK) and members of Balkan Fanatik (Hungary)

The album is now available for license or distribution outside the UK.

UNITE>A GATHERING OF STRANGERS is a project conjured up on a cold night somewhere in Central Europe by HAMID MAN TU and TIM WHELAN from the UK based multi-ethnic multi-musical collective TRANS-GLOBAL UNDERGROUND. UNITE stands for URBAN NATIVE INTEGRATED TRADITIONS OF EUROPE. Taking stock of their group of collaborators and co-conspirators across Europe, they were looking to create something that reflected both that network and the growth of the contacts and movements that have taken place over the time that Trans-Global Underground has moved back and forth across the continent. Most of the music here is some sort of journey; a journey of emigration, transportation, across land or sea and sometimes a journey of the original songwriters themselves.


"A Gathering of Strangers" - Gathering of Strangers