Collis Duranty: Unlimited Soul Project

Collis Duranty: Unlimited Soul Project
Collis Duranty

Line up

  • Collis Duranty  (Vocals, guitar )


Collis Duranty can fill a room.

He strums his guitar and his voice strums your heart-strings. At venues across his home, the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Collis has been fearlessly carrying the tradition of the storyteller chantwell forward. His stories draw the wallflowers out of the darkness and into the light and the good vibes fill every corner of the room. Fans sing along word for word, each line striking a chord...something they've experienced, something they remember. They carry on the tune without him.

Supported by his band Unlimited Soul Project on stage, the result is a tight and rewarding performance. Every member of the band can just as easily hold his or her own. The audience is treated to a variety of musical styles, distinctively and instinctively flavoured with home grown influences.

It is here that Collis finds the inspiration for his stories, a metropolis of a twin island in the Caribbean Sea.