Darryl Lionel

Darryl Lionel
Darryl Lionel


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  • Darryl Lionel  (Vocals, Guitar)


Darryl Lionel Douglas started singing in the mid 90's in church with his youth group called the Power Genera9on. It was during this period he learned he had a gift for song&8208;wri9ng. In 1998 he moved to Canada with his family and became involved in ministry. This ministry took the form of being a member of the Mount Zion Full Gospel Choir.

While singing and traveling with them, he was drafted into a local Chris9an rap group called GLYDER (Godly Lyrics Delivered in Evangelistic Rhythm) Ministries Interna7onal, G.M.I for short. Between the periods of 1999 to 2001 he was engaged in ministry through rap, traveling between Detroit and Toronto preaching the Gospel through music.

In late 2001, while attending university, Darryl was approached by a friend, and was asked to start a Christan rock band with him. The band was named Running for Life and used 1Corinthians 9:24&8208;27 as their motto. Darryl was the lead singer and it was his experience and tenure in this band for a duration of three years which
resulted in his sound and tone today. He has experienced the joy and thrill of ministering in areas where the Gospel is never heard, from bars, to car shows, high school auditoriums and county fairs.

He returned to Trinidad and Tobago in late 2004 and continues to minister in his unique style which he now calls "Urban Alternative". A consummate songwriter, he is always, creating and working on new material. An alumnus of the "Making the Music Minister" competition, an experience he will forever cherish, he is learning
constantly about himself and God's plan for his life as a minister.

Wherever this journey takes him, he is confident
that his ministry will continue as he strives to reach people with the glorious message of Christ Jesus.